Attack on Titan 2 Combat Details

If upfront battle isn't for you, Sneak Attacks are also available.

Attack on Titan 2 has even more dynamic gameplay than the last game and is sure to push the series to new heights. Koei Tecmo has revealed a few new combat methods when dealing with a Titan. First up is something they are calling the “Omni-Directional Mobility Action,” OMD for short.Attack on Titan 2 Combat Details

A long name for something that looks like Assassin’s Creed climbing mechanics, only with more swooping. Not to worry, however, swooping is not bad in this case. The OMD allows the player to “fly freely around the battlefield” in order to better access the Titan’s weak point, their neck. It seems that the OMD lets the player run on walls, hook-shot onto rooftops, and promptly jump from them to gain more height over a given Titan.

Up next are Bases, scattered around the battlefield these places can provide cannon fire or “replenish gas, blades, and so on.” Both look distinctly different, so it will be easy for the play to tell which one does which.

Most importantly, we have Buddy Action. This is a support technique provided by your team members in the game. An icon will appear over your team member’s head and if you press the correct button, the Buddy Action will trigger. Once finished, the Buddy Action has a cool down period before you can use it again. These actions include Rescue (takes the player out of harms way), Recovery (healing), and Titan Transformation (unlocking the power of Titans).

Hook Drive is another helpful action in combat. If you successfully evade a Titan’s attack, you can use the Hook Drive to land a finishing blow. If upfront battle isn’t for you, Sneak Attacks are also available. To do this, you’ll need to approach a Titan undetected, usually from behind, and hit the target button.

This will trigger the telescopic view for easier aim. Once you picked the right spot, you can hit the attack button again to launch yourself towards the Titan at a “breakneck speed,” and press the attack button again at the right moment to deal the deadly blow.


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