Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

The Vision decides to take human form for a little while.

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer has arrived! Not only has Thanos stepped onto the stage as a real live villain instead of a shadow in the distance, we get to the culmination of all the previous films.

A conclusion of many a character arc, like Loki coming back and fighting on the right side for once, Iron Man and Captain America will be working together after the events of Civil War. Doctor Strange is back too, so if you haven’t seen his solo movie yet, I suggest you catch up soon.

One thing that troubles me about this trailer, more than the Gauntlet or the Vision being tortured into giving up his Infinity Stone, is the initial moment where Stark is kissing a dirtied and limp hand.

It seems to be a feminine hand and I fear it may belong to Pepper Potts. If so, and she’s really dead, Tony Stark won’t be much of a superhero. Depending on how he reacts, given the PTSD he’s still denying exists, Stark may be a great fighter for the rest of the film, or become a very dangerous fighter.

That said, there is a comic where Potts is attacked and Stark puts her back together with the same device that keeps him alive. Whether Stark will manage this all in one movie is yet to be seen, but that also isn’t to say that Marvel won’t tweak what happened so Potts actually dies.

Speaking of loved ones, the Vision decides to take human form for a little while. He is shown in the trailer being rather affectionate with someone that looks a lot like Scarlet Witch. A troublesome situation, but as long as both of them are happy it can’t be all doom and gloom.

Secondary characters to join the fight include Spider-man (who gets a brand new outfit for the movie), Panther, Bucky Barnes, and James Rhodes. Meaning Homecoming and Panther should be on your watch list too if you haven’t finished the movies yet.


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