Black Mirror: Hang The DJ Trailer

"Find your perfect match."

Another trailer for Black Mirror‘s fourth season, currently set to come out soon. Though it isn’t entirely clear what Hang the DJ is about, but it seems that people are not provided with the technology that tells them how long their current relationship will last.

The idea, apparently, is to “find your perfect match” this way. How this technology works isn’t mentioned, though Black Mirror doesn’t always explain their technology so much as the concept behind it.

These expiration dates might be provided by arbitrary personality tests, or a governing body. Whatever the case may be, the focus is definitely on what society would be like if we knew from the start how long our relationships would last.

It seems that this society’s goals would be the same as ours, to have a long lasting relationship. As such, serial dating would be difficult, especially if everyone can check your dating record at moments glance.

Better yet, such a society would make for rather facetious people that rely on a piece of technology to decide their emotional happiness. Or worse yet, keep people in abusive relationships for longer than necessary because they think they have to stay in it for as long as the technology tells them to.

People could be letting perfectly good experiences slide just because an outside force tells them it won’t work out. Or, for that matter, help people make very rash decisions. As in the trailer, one couple has only 12 hours since their first meeting and the first thought is to make the best of it and book a bed for the night. It really isn’t healthy to think of sex as the best way to spend time with a stranger.

Other new trailers for Black Mirror include an episode titled Black Museum. This one looks a great deal more sinister and either about racism or something like White Bear, where the episode explores the depths of human schadenfreude. It clearly gets dark, so we’re in for yet another great season of Black Mirror that will have us questioning the very technology on which I type this.


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