Altered Carbon Trailer And Release Date

A captured mercenary is recalled 100 years later in a new body.

The first trailer for a sci-fi Netflix series titled Altered Carbon has debuted today. The trailer explains the general premise of the futuristic world the series is set in, and the story follows when technology has reached the point where you can transfer your entire consciousness to whichever new body you would like — for a hefty price tag, of course. That is not to say that the system is not often abused.

The series is based on a novel that shares the same title, by Richard K. Morgan back in 2002. The plot of the novel, though that isn’t to say the show will be the same, revolves around this corruption of what might otherwise appear to be a utopian technological advancement.

A captured mercenary is recalled 100 years later in a new body, in order to solve a crime for a particular wealthy businessman. Why it is that specific mercenary, you’ll have to either read the novel or wait for the series to come out.

That said, the trailer builds a world that looks a lot like a mix between Deus Ex Machina: Mankind Divided and Blade Runner. The quest for the perfect body, in combination with an apparently grunge-like city, makes the comparison a little too easy.

The concept of the book makes me think of Neromancer by William Gibson, or at least the world that book was placed in. It seems like the kind of technology that would exist there, and populated with similarly rich and shallow people.

The Netflix series stars Joel Kinnaman (RoboCop), Kristin Lehman (The Killing), Chris Connor (American Crime Story), Antonio Marziale, and Hiro Kanagawa (Heroes Reborn). There is also quite the team of directors for Altered Carbon, including Peter Hoar (known for his work on the Daredevil Netflix series) and Alex Graves (known for his work on The West Wing and Game of Thrones).

Altered Carbon will debut on Netflix on February 2, 2018.


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