Black Mirror Season 4 Full Trailer

"Everything happens for a reason."

Yes another trailer for Black Mirror Season 4 has dropped, revealing a little more of each of the new episodes we will be seeing soon. We’ve seen most of it before in other teasers and snippets, but it seems that each episode will be addressing more controversial social and technological issues.

The first clip we see is from “Crocodile”, which apparently has something to do with memories and the ability to record them – much like two previous episodes in the series, White Christmas and The Entire History of You. This time, however, a crime seems to have been committed, or at least a car accident.

Then we see clips of “Metalhead”, which is filmed entirely in black and white. A woman appears to be lost in a mountain range and trying to radio for help. She seems to be looking for something more than civilization, however, as she is seen rummaging through a warehouse.

Next is “Hang the DJ”, though most of these clips are not new. The premise seems to be the same, where people can see how long their relationships will last. The line “everything happens for a reason” is repeated and might imply that it’s not just relationships they can see, but the details of their lives too. How does one live if one can peek into the future, I suppose.

The next is for “Arkangel”, another premise that is a little unclear. The trailer for the episode states that “the key to parenting is control,” while we see a needle being stuck into the side of a little girl’s head. I am particularly excited for this one, as I think it will question a lot of what we perceive as good parenting and how much or little autonomy people think we should give children.

Last but not least, we see a woman waking up to the colorful world of the original Star Trek series. Or an approximation of it, at least. This is apparently supposed to represent the better future, the idyllic utopia that some believe Star Trek resides in.

There are plenty more after this, though they are a bit harder to discern. Nonetheless, we’re sure to be in for another great season of Black Mirror – one that seems to dare us to, once again, try not to have an existential crisis.


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