Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3 Trailer

The climax of the story is nigh and it's going to big.

Deck Nine Games has released the full trailer for their episodic series, Life is Strange: Before the Storm. This is the third episode, to be released December 20, 2017. Before the Storm is a prequel to the original Life is Strange and follows the story of Chloe, someone who becomes Max’s best friend in the original game.

Chloe meets and befriends another teenager, Rachel. They hit it off right away, becoming fast friends and bonding over the many difficulties in their lives. In particular, the hardships of drastic changes within each of their families and certain actions on behalf of their father figures.

As to the trailer itself and those who have played the previous episodes, there is plenty it alludes to. The climax of the story is nigh and it’s going to big. Just how big is another matter.

The phrase “so much destruction, all because Rachel got angry at her dad” coupled with an image of the aftermath of a forest fire seems to imply that there might be more to Rachel than we initially thought. Or, it at least seems like Chole is talking about Rachel.

If she is, and Rachel is somehow responsible for a forest fire, than either Rachel is an expert arson or Max’s time powers are not the only paranormal abilities Chole has encountered. It would certainly be quite the surprise for this prequel series, seeing as the majority of it has been focused on teenage angst and the drama surrounding both girl’s families.

The smear of blood on the side of a car certainly doesn’t help matters and further supports the theory that Rachel did something really bad. Yet Chloe is determined to support her, so maybe she didn’t murder anyone or set a forest on fire.

It could also just be regular drama and maybe Rachel really is a talented arsonist, or perhaps her father is the one responsible, not Rachel. We’ll have wait until the episode comes out before we snow for sure.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is out now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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