Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi Content Gets Detailed, Trailer

Coming free to everyone next week.

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters a week from tomorrow, it’s time to start milking that sweet, sweet brand synergy. And one brand under that umbrella which could certainly use some assistance is EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II.

EA is releasing this additional content free of charge to Battlefront II owners. And it sounds as though it’s a pretty substantial. The first season of new material, The Last Jedi Season, will feature new characters, maps, vehicles and challenges. We’ll also get to explore the next chapter of the game’s single-player campaign.

Upon jumping into the new content, players will be tasked with choosing to side with either the Resistance or The First Order. “This question’s not a trivial matter, either” says EA. “It will be presented to you in-game the next time you play, allowing you to side with the faction of your choice, a decision which will follow you for the remainder of Season One. Make your way to the Career tab and you’ll notice new Challenges that are tied to your faction.”

As you complete the challenges for your designated affiliation, you’ll earn yourself credits and crafting parts. You’ll also earn your affiliation as a whole points which will eventually lead to weekly rewards for each side.

Outside of the challenges, players will notice the new inclusion of both Finn and Captain Phasma into the game. New maps are included too in the form of Crait within Galactic Conquest and D’qar for Starfighter Assault.

The single-player campaign continues too under the title of Star Wars Battlefront II Resurrection. We get to see a quick glimpse at an older Iden Versio in today’s trailer. It then cuts to a current look at General Leia Organa, indicating that Versio is alive and well during the current saga’s events and likely reporting directly to Leia herself.

Star Wars Battlefront II’s The Last Jedi Season will release to everyone on December 13th.


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