Soulcalibur 6 Trailer, Release Date Set for 2018

The weapons and character roster is apparently "stellar."

After all these years, we’re finally getting the next Soulcalibur! This trailer for Soulcalibur 6 features the series mainstays Mitsurugi and Sophitia, fighting against the other and locking in blades in the end. The latter is a new gameplay system called Reversal Edge where “characters to clash against each other and follow-up with powerful counterattacks based on their opponent’s actions.”

Next to plenty new features like Reversal Edge, Soulcalibur VI will take place in the 16th century, during the same period as the original Soulcalibur. It is the player’s mission to “uncover hidden truths” and unlock the “diverse lineup of new and returning characters.”

Brand manager for Bandai Namco Mark Religioso weighed in on the announcement, assuring fans that “the fast and kinetic gameplay” of the original title “is on full display” within Soulcalibur 6.

The weapons and character roster is apparently “stellar” and even more so when “combined with a simple control layout.” As such, Religioso explains that anyone (new to the series or not) can pick up the new title and “decimate the competition” in no time.

If you don’t already know, Soulcalibur is a long running fighting game series based on the aforementioned weapons play, rather than bare fists like so many others in the genre. The story centers around the usual two swords of good and evil.

The evil sword is called Soul Edge and the good sword is Soul Calibur. That isn’t to say the plot is by any means simple or less interesting, however. Just as some series have princess to rescue, Soul Calibur has a world to save through the power of fighting.

The Soulcalibur 6 release is set for sometime in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Are you looking forward to the sixth in the series? What would you like to see changed or kept the same? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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