Fortnite Winter Update is Now Live

The update marks the beginning of Battle Royale's Season 2.

Fortnite players have a new update ready to be installed onto their PCs and consoles. The 1.11 upgrade brings tons of new winter features as well as the beginning of Season 2 for Battle Royale mode.

In Battle Royale, a Snowball Grenade Launcher is now available as a new Grenade Launcher skin. The Battle Bus is now decked out in festive attire and other surprises can be found throughout the island. Players can now earn and use emotes and emoticons in-game to communicate with others outside your party.

Epic has instituted a plethora of random bug fixes and additions too. You can review them all in the published patch notes. Some of the big ones include an arc now being visible to see where grenades will be thrown. And the pump shotgun having its shot queuing time reduced.

There’s also a laundry list of updates coming to the Save the World mode which you can review at the above link. But at a surface level, they include a Holiday Survival Event, a new Mini-Boss, vast improvements to Survive the Storm mode, wintery weapons, holiday heroes and more.

The Battle Royal mode is also implementing the Battle Pass as of Season 2’s launch. The Battle Pass will allow players to purchase a onetime package for 950 V-Bucks. To purchase 1,000 V-Bucks via the in-game store it will set you back $9.99 in real world funds.

The Battle Pass brings purely cosmetic additions to the game. There are no pay win angles being implemented. Purchasing the Battle Pass will bring quicker leveling and quicker access to the new cosmetics being brought into the game. Epic says that without the Battle Pass, it could take 75 to 150 hours to earn all of this season’s rewards.

If you’re curious about Fortnite, its Battle Royale mode continues to be free of charge. The winter update is live and ready for all.


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