Far Cry 5 The Resistance Trailer

The rules don't always apply here.

Ubisoft has given us yet another trailer for Far Cry 5, this time focused on explaining even further what the Resistance is and how you can utilize it. The main was to do this is to attack the cult, Eden’s Gate, in more and more outrageous ways. Apparently the more you piss them off, the more unstable and reckless Eden’s Gate will be.

Such actions include sabotaging their plans, destroy their convoys, guard stations, and shoot at them through the back window of your car. An ability that I don’t believe appeared in Far Cry 4 unless you were on a turret. You could shoot out the side windows and the front, but you couldn’t turn around and shoot out the back.

While you are wrecking havoc, however, you must also keep in mind that you need to rescue as many allies as you can. These allies will join the Resistance and increase your fire power whenever you need the help.

The more you liberate certain regions, the more your Resistance meter will fill up, and the more allies you’ll have. Including, according to the trailer, mountain lions, grizzly bears, and dogs. The grizzly bear looks especially fierce as it tears out throats right left and center.

Luckily, the Far Cry games are not known for their accuracy concerning flora and fauna. All plants are named by their color regardless of the vastly different appearance. All animals are bloodthirsty and ready to kill at a moments notice if trained properly. Hopefully not with a shock collar, but this is supposed to be the backcountry of Montana. The rules don’t always apply here.

The trailer ends on large explosion and a glimpse of Eden’s Gate favorite repurposed flag. Nothing like a cult symbol replacing the stars on your country’s flag to make you feel ready to join the Resistance.

Far Cry 5 will be coming out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 27, 2018.

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Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC

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