Why People are Hooked on Gaming Videos

A cultural phenomenon that's easy to explain.

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At first it may seem surprising that so many gamers enjoy watching gaming videos. After all, why would all these people get so hooked on these videos as opposed to just playing the video games themselves?

However as odd as it may seem, there are actually some very good reasons why people are hooked on gaming videos – and it isn’t that difficult to understand them:

  • To learn and improve at a game

Some gaming videos can be educational, in the sense that they can help players learn and improve their own skills by watching others play. In some ways this type of content has always appealed to gamers, with ‘walkthroughs’ and ‘FAQs’ for games available in text form long before videos were around. Having videos is that much more useful however, as viewers can now ‘see’ what they need to do.

  • To be entertained by the personality of the host

Increasingly some hosts who publish gaming videos have built up large followings around their personality and have turned their videos into an entertainment of sorts. The appeal of many gaming videos often isn’t just the video game footage, but also the commentary that the host provides.

  • To watch skillful players in action

In some cases people like to watch skillful players who are the best at what they do, not just to learn from them – but because they’re so good. Think of it as the same reason why people watch many professional sports: It isn’t because they want to play at that level, but because they appreciate the skill involved in doing so.

  • To decide whether or not to make a purchase

Another common reason to watch gaming videos is they give people a glimpse of actual people playing the game and can help them decide whether or not to buy it. While game reviews cater to this content, sometimes less scripted videos seem to provide a more authentic look at the game.

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