Nintendo Delaying 64 GB Switch Cartridges to 2019

Hope you've invested in sizeable microSD cards.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo’s plans to begin featuring 64 GB Nintendo Switch cartridges is being delayed. And it’s a hefty delay at that.  

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s successful Switch has a major fundamental problem. It’s internal storage for the system sports a measly 32 GB. And 9 of those are gobbled up by the console’s operating system. The company intended to offer a 64 GB game card to publishers next year. That’s apparently no longer happening.

Takashi Mochizuki, The Wall Street Journal’s Japanese insider, has reported that Nintendo informed publishers that the 64 GB card wouldn’t be available to them now until 2019. An exact reason for the delay wasn’t cited.

As more and more 3rd party publishers bring their bigger titles over to the Switch, its putting consumers in a hell of predicament. Where do you store them? The whole point of downloading games digitally is to avoid the carrying and swapping out of cartridges. But with the inability to store most of today’s AAA titles on the Switch, you’re essentially doing that anyway but with microSD cards instead of game cartridges.

It’s becoming more essential to purchase a larger microSD card for the sheer convenience of it. However, a 256 GB microSD card is going to set you back well over a hundred dollars. And even that won’t last you beyond more than 4 or 5 AAA games.

With 2018 hopefully bringing back the return of Nintendo’s Virtual Console in some form, fans are likely going to be downloading titles for the Switch at a much faster rate. And while those games certainly won’t be anywhere near the size of 2017 and 2018’s published titles, it still chips away at that limited 32 GB we start with.

Someone games, such as NBA 2K18, requires a microSD card even if you purchase the game in cartridge form. The cartridge as it currently is simply can’t handle the game. And this is likely to become the norm. That’s not really fair to consumers.

It’s essential that Nintendo push to get these 64 GB cartridges to market as soon as possible. Because The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that some publishers may even delay their games into 2019 to await the larger options. And that means many gamers will simply hit the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for some of these titles instead.


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