Furi Breaks Out onto Switch Next Week

Back in 2016, an unsuspecting game from a little known developer brought joy to the gaming community. Developer/Publisher The Game Bakers released their action shoot ’em up title Furi onto the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It earned some excellent review scores. And now they’ve announced when it’s headed to the Nintendo Switch.

The initial line of our NerdMuch review for Furi laid it all out:

“Every once in awhile, a game is released that truly surprises. While the first trailer may look enticing, you’re left with a certain amount of uncertainty. It isn’t until you get your hands on the final product that everything clicks into place. Furi is one of those games.”

And the entirety of the initial experience will be headed to the Switch too. The Game Bakers confirm that Furi on Switch is “feature complete.” Meaning everything that the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions had, the Switch version will have as well.

The story sees your character mysteriously released from a futuristic prison. From there, you’re tasking with taking on foe after foe as you further your efforts to escape your incarceration. With each person blocking your escape becoming more and more difficult. The Game Bakers describe it as “high-speed, dash-and-slash (and shoot) gameplay set within a boss-rush structure, pitting the player against a series of intimidating enemies, on a mysterious quest for freedom.”

It sports a unique character design as you can see via the Switch trailer above. Takashi Okazaki, creator of Afro Samurai, was responsible for the game’s look. The soundtrack is also something of note. It’s an “eclectic and electric” mix featuring production from the likes of Carpenter Brut, Lorn and The Toxic Avenger.

The game is sure to be a fantastic addition to the Nintendo Switch library when it releases next week. Furi will land onto the Nintendo Switch eShop on January 11th for $19.99. Which just so happens to be the day that we may be in line for our next Nintendo Direct.

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