Hunt: Showdown Closed Alpha This Month

We haven’t heard much lately from Crytek regarding the development on Hunt: Showdown. Things must be steadily progressing though, as the team has announced that a closed alpha will begin at the end of January.

For those unaware, Hunt: Showdown is a monster bounty hunting game that consists of a mix of both PvP and PvE elements. Watching the trailer above, it looks fantastically intense.

Matches involve up to ten players with availability to play either solo or in doubles. You’ll run through a sandbox environment as you attempt to track the bountied monster at large. However, you’ll have to contest with other rivals on the map that would rather see you dead than walk away with the cash.

Outside of your rivals, there are hordes of other monsters that you aren’t specifically tracking too. Once you work your way through all the various dangers, you’ll be tasked with taking down the boss monster at large. However, it isn’t over once you succeed in killing it.

Once the bounty is claimed, you’ll still have to make it out alive. Whatever other bounty hunter rivals remain on the map will be out to eliminate you so that they can claim the bounty as their own.

Each player within the game only gets one life though. So there is much more strategy involved than simply diving in guns blazing. Should you eliminate your bounty hunting competition early, it’ll be just the monsters in the way of taking home your prize.

As you win matches/bounties, new rewards will open themselves up to your character. And Crytek has stated that as the alpha plays out, more weapons, equipment, traits and ranks will be rolled out and tested.

The alpha will begin on January 31st on Steam. There’s still time to sign up if you’re interested via this link. Invitations will be sent out randomly ahead of the alpha’s launch later this month.

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