13 Overwatch Cheaters Arrested In South Korea, Face Jail Time

If they are found guilty, they will face 5 years in jail or $43,000 in fines.

Blizzard has announced, over at their Korean Battle.net, that they requested the Seoul National Police Agency Cyber Security Department arrest 13 Overwatch cheaters in South Korea.13 Overwatch Cheaters Arrested In South Korea

The arrest was successful after a year-long investigation that concluded that these cheaters violated the Game Industry Promotion Law and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) protection Law.

The latter means that the cheaters were accused of violating Overwatch’s terms of service, creating cheat programs, and match-fixing. If they are found guilty, they will face 5 years in jail or $43,000 in fines.

Blizzard is paving the way to incite criminal punishment for cheating. It should come as no surprise that South Korea is the first to make arrests on the matter, as the majority of eSports competitors, and Overwatch League members, are South Korean. eSports is a huge source of revenue, it is perfectly understandable that the country takes video game cheating seriously.

Following the trend are PUBG’s anti-cheat team, recently banning 10,000 cheaters in a single sweep. Criminal punishment is upcoming, as they have stated they are working with the local authorities to investigate cheating in the respective countries. Epic Games, in concern with Fornite Battle Royale, is in the process of convicting at three cheaters in America.

Needless to say, developers are working very hard to make sure that cheating in a video game is no longer worth the ease of play or winning one round or another. It seems that the time to doubt what is cheating in a video game and what is not is very much over.

Blizzard has figured out that the main issue is violating the terms of service, and that seems to be the route other developers and publishers are going. More so, Blizzard is also doing well to draw the line between inappropriate behavior and cheating. The line is often blurred in multiplayer games, but Blizzard is setting the record straight.

Source Korean Battle.net
Via Unikrn
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