Kingdom Come: Deliverance Trailer Features 16 Minutes of Gameplay

You play the part of Henry, the son of a blacksmith.

Deep Silver has released another gameplay video for their upcoming game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The video details story choices, armor options, combat, skill trees, and character creation.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a large RPG game not unlike Skyrim in terms of size, but far more focused on “realistic” medieval Bohemia problems. You play the part of Henry, the son of a blacksmith, as he attempts to forge his own path in the world and somewhere along the line, keep peace in the Kingdom.

The setting is Bohemia during the rule of the Roman Empire, though that does not mean the country was peaceful. Foreign armies, unruly common folk, and upset nobles are keen on trying to cut out their own piece of the Bohemia pie.

Developers Warhorse Studios state that each decision you make in the game will have lasting consequences, no matter how you do them. Combat is not historically accurate but it is inspired by history. Whatever weapons you choose, there will be a unique set of combos and actions you can do with that weapon. Whether you want ranged, stealth, or straight up melee, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has it for you.

If combat is only inspired by, the characters within Kingdom Come were real people once. All are chosen for the influence during the medieval period fo Bohemia. That said, “medieval” is a rather general term for approximately three different periods in history, depending on your perspective.

As such, the characters you meet might be spread across centuries and might appear to be living during the same decade. This could be a good thing or a terrible thing, depending on much of a history buff you are and how Warhorse handles it.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming February 13, 2018 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be priced at $59.99 USD.

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