Kingdom Come: Deliverance Slays It With New Trailer

Just 13 days from release, Deep Silver and Warhorse Studios are pushing awareness for their upcoming open-world RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The duo dropped a new trailer today to showcase the story behind the upcoming medieval title.

Within Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you take on the role of a young blacksmith named Henry. A mercenary army working for Sigismund has destroyed your home and slaughtered your entire family. As the sole survivor, you’re tasked with avenging your fallen kin.

The game is set during 1403 at the time of the Holy Roman Empire. The events take place in Bohemia near the center of Europe. Warhorse states that Kingdome Come: Deliverance is based upon a true story. “A story of kings, heirs, a kingdom, castle sieges and bloody battles.”

The developers say that Kingdom Come: Deliverance “embodies the truest sense of the roleplaying game genre.” You can plow through the game sword constantly drawn. Or you can navigate the word by developing any number of Henry’s other traits.

Warhorse touts a “massive realistic” open world for the game. “Majestic castles, vast fields, all rendered in stunning high-end graphics.” Your actions within Bohemia don’t come without repercussions too. What you do will influence those who surround you. “Fight, steal, seduce, threaten, persuade, or bribe. It’s all up to you.”

The story is non-linear, allowing you to solve quests in multiple different ways. The developers are going for historical accuracy. The world is a direct reflection of 1403 Bohemia and you’ll even come across actual historical characters from the region at this time.

Combat can be handled via melee, distance or stealth. Whatever weapon and combat style you feel compelled to utilize is entirely up to you. Your version of Henry will continually level up to improve his skill and earn new perks as you progress through the game.

Checkout the latest Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer above to get a solid feel for the game. It’s releasing for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in just a couple of weeks on February 13th.

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