Fear The Wolves: A Post-Apocalyptic Battle Royale Game Coming 2018

Publishers Focus Home and developers Vostok Games have recently announced their new game, Fear the Wolves. It will be released sometime this year to PC and consoles, going first to Early Access on PC but no dates have been revealed yet.The first promotional image of battle royale game Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves is another first-person-shooter battle royale game, but there is plenty to distinguish it from PUBG or Fortnite. For one, it is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Chernobyl, in particular, is the map players will be dropped onto. Each match will contain 100 fighters and will have to battle the environment as much as each other.

According to Vostok Games, Chernobyl is full hazards like deadly anomalies, mutated creatures, and dynamically-changing weather. There are no details what exactly counts as “anomalies” and what kind of weather would threaten gameplay. Perhaps when it rains, movement is more difficult, or it is simply more difficult to see your opponents.

Fear the Wolves also has day and night cycles, another visibility factor to consider while playing. Vostok have also added an element that may or not be game breaking, as you can apparently find protective gear that will allow you to wander through “off-limit zones.”

If you happen to get such gear early on, it would be easy to stay out of range of everyone else and wait until the player count has dwindled enough to make your move. Heck, you could even use the gear to get yourself in the perfect position to snipe the remaining players. That said, you likely will not be alone with the protective gear, so such an element might also prolong the game.

Vostock hints that there will be “a second intense and original game mode” to be added in the future, likely after the game is properly released. It will apparently provide “a fierce new twist to the genre.”

Though this is yet another game like PUBG, Vostock Games have brought new elements that might distinguish it from the rest. What do you think of the changes Vostock has brought to the table? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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