Sea of Thieves Details Post-Launch Plans

Sea of Thieves concluded its closed beta recently, and it left many excited and anxious for more pirating action. Press were recently invited to visit Rare to get a taste of what else is in store for the title, as well as hints to what the adventure’s endgame is.Sea of Thieves developers discuss post-launch details.

Following the game’s beta, fans wondered what the overarching point of Sea of Thieves was. Sure it’s fun, but what’s the player actually striving towards? Well, Rare confirms that your end goal is to simply become one of the greatest pirates to ever live. And there are also perks that come with such a prestigious title.

Mike Chapman, design director on the title, teases that only the pirates of legend will have access to a secret, mysterious pirate hideout:

“When you become a pirate legend, you discover a secret and get access to a key, shall we say, that gives you access to this location. It’s seamlessly hidden in the world. It’s not loading off a menu. It was already in our closed beta, but no one could become pirate legend and unlock it—but it was there.”

The secret location was described as a pub of sorts that resides within a secret cove. Inspired by The Goonies, the Tavern of Legends hosts the ghosts of Sea of Thieves’ most revered pirates. And you, should you justify your membership.

Another thing touched upon by the developers was the game’s mysterious kraken. It didn’t appear in the beta, however, we’ve seen glimpses of the creature in trailers. And it sounds terrifyingly powerful. Chapman describes it as follows:

“It’s something that can strike mercilessly at any time. Players will have a limited amount of warning. There’s an inky mass in the water, which is your clue that there is a kraken there, but when it strikes, what it does and how it prioritizes is different each time. You could have three ships attacked simultaneously by those eight tentacles. It can wrap the ship, it can rock the ship and put damage in it. You could slash a tentacle and get ink in your face—you’re stumbling around the deck with this ink in your face.

The tentacle can pick you up and throw you, it can dunk you into the water and drown you. It can slam you against the water’s surface with these tentacles that can wrap multiple ships at the same time. What it does is a reflection of what type of ship it is, how many ships are around at that time. This thing is designed to be replayable. You could be the one that saves a bunch of ships from the kraken by getting it to flee, or you could be the one who comes along afterwards, and pick up the chests from the wreckage after it’s sunk two ships. Point is, it’s going to play differently each time.”

Rare also touched upon Sea of Thieves’ plans post-launch. And they seem to be focused on furthering the adventures of those who hit pirate legend status. Allowing legends to have their own iconic pirate legend ships, teasing those without and tempting them to attack an icon.

They also hinted at limited time events for the game, implementing an official alliance system, and a fourth type of quest that the developers are still being coy about. We’ll have to wait and see about that one. But the wait won’t be much longer. Sea of Thieves sails onto Xbox One on March 20th.

Source PC Gamer
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