This Is the Police Coming to Mobile In 2018

Though an official press release has not been made, THQ Nordic has listed on their site that This Is the Police will be coming to iOS and Android sometime this year. The game is currently on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with a sequel coming out this year as well on all systems, including the Nintendo Switch.

This Is the Police is a game focused on a story of corruption in the police and government authorities. Through spectacular voice work and images where hardly any characters have faces, The Is the Police is much like a noir detective story, only it comes just in time to make a statement about the current political climate surrounding the police and government.

Though that might sound very exciting, gamers might get hung up on the gameplay. It is, essentially, constant paperwork. There is a huge and obvious metaphor for it all, especially the more the mayor and your new crime boss demand of you. That said, such slow-paced gameplay is much more suited to platforms like the Nintendo Switch or smartphones because both are very portable.

There is a lot less implied commitment to a mobile game than to console and PC games. They are not supposed to keep your attention for more than half an hour, sometimes even less.

Which is why it seems much easier to commit yourself to something entirely pointless, like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, when you know you are going to quite in a few minutes anyway. There is nothing to tie you to the game but a mild interest in collecting wealth.

That said, This Is the Police will keep you playing if only to get to the next cutscene. It might be a little like listening to a really interesting audiobook, but your participation is still required for certain intervals.

Do you think This Is the Police would be a good fit for the mobile market? Do you think it should be free with optional microtransactions or priced at something reasonable with no microtransactions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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