The Missing Announced By Deadly Premonition Director

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, the director of Deadly Premonition, has announced a brand new game that he and his studio White Owl are working on. The game, titled The Missing, is made possible by publisher Arc System Works, the company behind the recently released Dragon Ball FighterZ.

In the announcement video, we see Swery himself hinting at the premise of the game through the title. He stated that “The Missing has many different meanings” and could refer to “a missing person, someone who’s lost, or even something lost” like a loved one, a home, or even your everyday sense of purpose. Swery says that The Missing is for anyone who has felt lost at some point in their life.

Whatever this new game is, Swery says it will “blow your mind” and he thinks it is totally “sick” as the kids would say these days. If nothing else, it is good to see that Swery has found a publisher that allows him so much creative freedom. Apparently, Arc System Works has given Sweryy the “opportunity to create something entirely new.”

This announcement follows the unfortunate crowdfunding failure for White Owl’s previous game, The Good Life. The campaign aimed at a lofty $1.5 million USD and only made it just short of halfway.

Though Swery claimed The Good Life carried with it “the spirit of Deadly Premonition” the premise is a little strange. The Good Life centers a very pleasant village and an abrupt murder of one its citizens.

It is up to the main character to figure out who dun’ it and uncover the main mystery of the village itself: all its members turn into cats at night. The Good Life is supposed to be a “debt repayment life simulation RPG” and not really a part of horror genre the same way Deadly Premonition is.

Nonetheless, it seems that Swery has hope. With the announcement of The Missing, he revealed that the crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life would be reopening March 26.

The Missing has no release date yet, nor any confirmed platforms.

Source Twitter (The Good Life)
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