Biomutant Devs Share New Details and Trailer

Biomutant wowed people when it was first revealed back in August. But since then, THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 have kept their cards close. Our patience has been rewarded though, as a fresh trailer has hit the web alongside some new details from the game.

Experiment 101’s lead, Stefan Ljungqvist, spoke with PC Gamer recently and divulged information on some of Biomutant’s mechanics. Much of which you can see on display in the new trailer above.

Helping NPCs within Biomutant will encourage them to aid you in your adventure. In fact, a lot of your character’s skill set will be unlockable via quest completions. You’ll then have access to various traversal methods to help get you around more quickly. In the game’s new trailer, you can see your character flying via mechanical wings, throwing a hook shot of sorts, and even firing off a bow and arrow style grappling hook.

Many of these traversal methods appear to have an effect on combat as well. A jetpack was shown in the trailer that helped to carry out combos on your foes. And a mechanical hand was being ridden in which also pointing at enemies and fired off shots.

There were hints at other skills too in the new footage. The trailer begins with our character levitating, seemingly during meditation. And other psychic abilities have been shown such as telekinesis and the ability to generate a telepathic shield.

As the trailer closed out, the player is seen within a mech suit as they trudge through a barren landscape. This is a Dead Zone which features no oxygen and is fatal for our character outside of the suit. But the area does feature a huge beast that appears to best our mutant at the trailer’s conclusion.

Ljungqvist says that Biomutant will allow gamers to play creatively.. He touts that there are over 500,000 combinations of powers, weapons and biotics at your disposal. No matter what your preference, you should find a play style to your liking. The game is schedule for release at some point this year.

Source PC Gamer
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