New PUBG Map Coming In March

PUBG developers have recently announced some of there plans for 2018, as well as details for the most recent update to the game. Apparently, this update was delated due to a great deal of the team’s resources being “focused on cheat blocking and prevention.” Fruits of that work have come to light, however, as they will soon be introducing “an experimental method” that will hopefully yield better results this time around.A screenshot of PUBG gameplay

In addition, matchmaking in PUBG will now be determined by ping. The lower the ping, the high priority you will have. The developers are hoping this will improve overall gameplay but they want to test it out first. Only a few regions will have it, but if all is successful then it will be worldwide.

Keep in mind that this kind of restriction will keep players to their own country’s servers. For example, China will not be able to play on US servers anymore. Whether that is an advantage or not depends on your opinion of PUBG’s cheating problem. However, the latest news on that front did mention that most cheaters that have been banned are from China.

A little more exciting, PUBG developers have also announced that they will be revealing their roadmap for 2018 soon. They plan on new content and “extensive battle royale experiences” for “deeper and more realistic gameplay.” This new content will include a new map coming in March, but no further details have been mentioned.

The update details include exact crop rates for all crates, paid and free. Two new crates have been added, one paid (called FEVER) and one free (called MILITIA). Both include a carrot of new clothes, like a utility belt, cropped corset, and a cowboy hat.

You will also no longer be able to see inside the airplane anymore. You will once you make the jump, but not before. The developers are again, hoping this will improve performance on all fronts.

Source Steam
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