Battlefield 5 to Feature Co-Op, Lootboxes

It’s been less than a week since GamesBeat broke the news on Battlefield 5. But already they’re back with some fresh details on the WWII shooter that is headed our way later this year.

The outlet states that Battlefield 5 may not actually be the final name of the game. They noted that Battlefield 5 was also the title bestowed upon Battlefield 1 while it was still in development. So there’s a solid chance that this could change before EA officially unveils it.

Rumors were indicating that this upcoming Battlefield would focus solely on the German side of the war. GamesBeat refutes this, saying that the story will progress very similarly to Battlefield 1. The narrative will progress via “episodic ministories that follow soldiers from all over the globe.”

There have also been indications that Battlefield 5 will feature cooperative gameplay. Currently, the idea is that DICE will execute this within a specialized mode instead of the game’s actual story. GamesBeat says the mode “runs squads of players through ‘randomly generated Conquest missions,’ but the studio could expand the scope beyond that.” No word as to whether Battlefield 5’s coop mode will feature split-screen support.

A new prone option is being implemented into gameplay this year too. Much like in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, soldiers will now be able to lie down on their backs. This option should allow for more maneuverability within the competitive multiplayer setting.

Finally, USGamer is reporting that Battlefield 5 will indeed feature lootboxes when it launches. However, DICE is incorporating them purely for cosmetic purposes. EA and DICE have hopefully learned from the Star Wars Battlefront II debacle, and will not offer in-game purchases which unfairly tilt the game’s competitive balance.

All of this information is getting out well before EA ever intended it to. Other rumors have suggested that the publisher planned to do a full unveiling of their next Battlefield game in May. But with all of the information hitting the news of late, they may be forced to show their cards much sooner. EA has yet to publicly comment any of the leaked details up to this point.

Source GamesBeat USGamer
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