Fortnite Battle Royale Teams of 20 Mode Coming Soon

Epic Games has officially announced a new mode for Fortnite Battle Royale called Teams of 20. This mode will allow players to enter the arena in 5 teams of 20 to battle it out until only one team is standing. This mode comes in compliment to the teams of 4 and 50 vs 50 modes that came out last year.

Epic Games states that the Fortnite Team of 20 will be available for a limited time, though they do not mention for how long or exactly when this new mode will be available. Judging by Epic Games’ usual schedule, however, Teams of 20 should be rolling out sometime next week.

In the trailer for Teams of 20, we see Epic Game’s talent for cinematic displays of gameplay, rather than actual gameplay. Not that Teams of 20 needs much in the way of introduction.

Nonetheless, Fortnite Battle Royale has been extremely popular on consoles, riding on the coattails of PUBG‘s success. PUBG lit Twitch fires on PC and at the peak of PUBG’s popularity, Epic Games installed a free-to-play battle royale for Fortnite on PS4 and Xbox One.

The timing as unpleasant for the developers of Bluehole, however, who tried to sue Epic Games. The attempt fell through, as PUBG itself is based on mods for games with very similar mechanics. That said, PUBG did make it the Xbox One Preview program, where it is still a glitchy mess.

As it is, Fortnite is leading the battle royale trend on consoles and for good reason. It is the most stable game out of the two, and it holds its own with unique building mechanics, equipment, and new modes coming with almost every update to the game. Teams of 20 will be no different, bringing old and new players alike to the arena.

How will Teams of 20 change up your Fortnite strategies? Is it a unique enough game mode to bring you back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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