Sea of Thieves Final Beta Available Now

Sea of Thieves is finally open to everyone during the final beta event, which is on right now. The beta will be running until March 11, 10am GMT. There will be plenty of quests available, even more than were in the Closed Beta, like Merchant Alliance voyages and occupied Skeleton Forts.

This is the biggest test the game has seen so far, so if you run into problems be sure to let the developers know. Rare warns that there may be some delays if you are joining active sessions. If the server gets overloaded, they will be posting updates and news on Twitter (@SeaOfThieves) and the game’s status page.

Rare also encourages all players to share the game as much as they like. Spread the word with streams, video clips, screenshots, and whatever else you want, like memes about how Sea Thieves is the Pirates of Caribbean we always wanted but never got.

Needless to say, Sea of Thieves has been smooth sailing for everyone involved thus far. Our first impression of the game was really just how great it is. The only real trouble we had while playing the Closed Beta, was an overloaded server.

Luckily, the developers fixed the problem the next day and extended the beta to make up for it. The graphics are beyond exceptional with bright tropical colors and whimsical art style. The music helps too, of course, as each shanty is bound to get in your head until you’re humming it for hours.

At its most basic, the world of Sea of Thieves is just the ocean and a bunch of islands, but there is so much more to do than explore your horizon. You can hunt down buried treasure (six paces from the coconut tree), take down undead pirates in the form of Skeletons, or nearly drown in a watery grave to get the underwater treasure. There is even more to do than that, so it’s time you logged in and got going!

Will you be sailing the seas this weekend? Have you had any problems with the game? Let us know in the comments below! Feel free to share your experience with Nerd Much and tag us on our social media!

You can pre-order Sea of Thieves on Amazon or at Gamestop.

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