Kingdom Come: Deliverance Devs Release Accolades Trailer

Despite the many pitfalls and flaws reported about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, developers Warhorse have released an accolades trailer. This trailer cherry picks review quotes from a variety of sites, stating the few positives about the game. It is important to put these quotes in the context of the review they come from, however.

For example, they pull a quote from PC World that states Kingdom Come: Deliverance is “a true ‘role-playing game’.” In context, PC World has not even put out a full review of the game. The quote comes from a “review in progress” article, stating why there is such a delay and the many issues the game has.

One of these issues is the combat, which PC World describes as “two people swinging pool noodles.” Luckily, however, it seems that PC World did not encounter the same glitches and headaches we did at Nerd Much.

These glitches include but were not limited to: review copies were given the over 20GB patch a day late, quests were constantly glitching, and the save system became more of a headache than it should have been.

As it is, though the game has great potential, we “can’t recommend buying the game in its current state” but it is something to keep an eye on. Perhaps Warhorse will fix the many issues in the future and in the end, we will have a polished game.

That was before Warhorse announced that they will not be able to fulfill their Kickstarter stretch goals, despite having reached their monetary goal with plenty extra. Warhorse had announced that they are focusing all of their resources on patches and updates, rather than the stretch goals.

As such, they do not have a “public timeframe for release yet” and the budget is tight enough as it is. Warhorse is not saying never, but it is clear that such goals are too far in the future to even be a part of the development schedule.

Yet here they have a beautiful accolade trailer, likely in hopes of convincing a few more people that the game is worth buying. If they fix all the issues and meet their stretch goals, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be. But not right now.

Do you think Kingdom Come: Deliverance deserves all this praise? Do you think the good things about the game outweigh the bad? Let us know in the comments below!

Source PC World Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review
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