Resident Evil 7 Gets the Xbox One X Enhanced Treatment

After having fans wait patiently for months on end, Capcom has finally made good on their word. The publisher dropped a new trailer today showcasing a new coat of paint for Resident Evil 7. Available today, the title has received its Xbox One X visual update for crisper visuals in 4K.

While the visual upheaval is certainly noticeable, it isn’t anything mind blowing. Most poignantly is the improvement in the character models. With the developers stating the Xbox One X has “improved skin tone display through Screen-Space Subsurface Scattering and 4K output.” Here is Capcom’s official statement on the upgraded looks:

“Subsurface scattering makes the characters’ skins even more realistic, while the high-definition 4K graphics will immerse you in the ultimate survival horror experience.

If you have a 4K/HDR compatible display, you’ll be able to enjoy the ultimate in graphical performance, and if you have a Full HD display, you’ll be able to experience downsampled 4K rendering. Whichever display you’re using, the power of the Xbox One X will make the horror more beautiful than ever before.”

Resident Evil 7 was heralded as a return to form for the series. With Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 taking a more action oriented approach, 7’s implementation of the Baker house was a resounding success.

Critically, the game earned numerous nominations in 2017. And it took home plenty of accolades for its incorporation of VR on the PlayStation 4. To date, Resident Evil 7 has shipped over four million copies.

Capcom has already stated that a sequel, or just a continuation of the Resident Evil series in general, is “already in motion.” Although that’s to be expected , I suppose. We likely won’t see whatever form that game takes until next year though.

The Xbox One X Enhanced version of Resident Evil 7 is available now to download. Check it out and “use the power of the Xbox One X to make the horror even more real.”

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