Deathgarden Announced for PC

Behaviour Digital has announced Deathgarden. A gorgeous looking title for PC described by the developers as a “brutal asymmetrical multiplayer action game.”


The premise of Deathgarden is relatively simple and a bit cliché. “Set in the near future, Deathgarden revolves around a spectacular real blood sport that is the most popular entertainment on the planet, where powerful Hunters prey on agile Runners.”

Today’s reveal trailer doesn’t showcase any gameplay. However, there are some screens on the game’s website that hint what the game will consist of. Within Deathgarden, the Hunters are “heavily armed champion whose mission is to kill the runners.” Whereas the runners are nimble and fast and appear to utilize a small bow of some sort to help defend themselves. There looks to be parkour elements to the runner’s mobility as well.

It’s unclear how large the matches are within Deathgarden. But Behavior Digital did state that each match takes place within an arena known as The Garden. “An arena that is different every time.”

David Osborne, Vice President of Product over at Behaviour Digital, confirmed the studios excitement today via a statement:

“We are proud to finally reveal our next game, Deathgarden. We embrace the challenge of asymmetrical gameplay and the unique moments it provides, drawing players and viewers into the experience. Playing with your team to overcome an unrelenting threat hell-bent on stopping you isn’t just fun to play, it’s really engaging to watch.”

From Osborne’s statement, it seems that Behaviour Digital is doing what many publisher and developers are attempting these days. Producing a game that is just as fun to watch streamed as it is to play.

The game is only announced for PC at this point. The developers are bringing it to PAX East so that the public can go hands on with it for the very first time.

Behavior Digital is also hosting a closed alpha in the near future. You can head to Deathgarden’s website to sign up today.


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