NBA Playgrounds 2 Releases Summer

Sabre Interactive, developers of 2017’s NBA Playgrounds, have announced NBA Playgrounds 2. The team is teasing big things for their sequel. They’re promising fans the game will be “essentially everything you asked for. And more.”

The team is putting an added focus on online play this year. They are instituting a new mode known as Playgrounds Championship. The mode is a worldwide online league consisting of several different divisions.

As you get better and win more matches, you’ll climb the online ladder and gain access to higher ranking divisions. You’ll have the option to play either solo or co-op with a friend.

Sabre is also ensuring that dedicated servers and additional player options will be available for NBA Playgrounds 2. “We know lag was a problem in the first game for some and this should address the concern. We also listened to community feedback and have added four-player online games where you can have each player be a human player online or any combination of human and AI opponents.”

The team also developed a new Season Mode for the game. You’ll play through a proper season with your team and earn your way into the NBA Playoffs. From there, the Championship should be just within reach.

Winning a title can earn you special players depending on which team you win it with. Sabre Interactive is touting over 200 current and retired NBA players that are in-game to unlock via their card pack mechanic.

The trailer is packed with a bunch of the biggest names from the sport. Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons, Lonzo Ball, Russell Westbrook and John Wall each get a slow-motion moment to shine. The developers have said there are fresh player and facial animations for added effect this time too.

The trailer is a pure cinematic. We aren’t getting any looks at gameplay yet. But with NBA Playgrounds just releasing last May, we know essentially what we’re getting here. The game is coming PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch later this summer, so we should be seeing a lot more soon.

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