State of Decay 2 Launch Trailer

We’ve been waiting almost 5 years for the sequel to 2013’s State of Decay. And later this month, Undead Labs will finally deliver it. To build hype for the occasion, the developer has put together a brand new trailer for State of Decay 2 highlighting what we can expect from the upcoming survival title.

The trailer for the Xbox One exclusive seems intent on explaining the different specialties available to your character in which to help you survive. “You need to play to your strengths”, the first character says. “I build, so shelter tops my list” he continues.

The next character explains the value of “hard work”. We see a garden in multiple shots with this character, so I’m assuming she handles food management for the squad. Following her is the appearance of a medic, healing those that he been injury by the undead.

A newcomer then joins the group’s camp. “If you didn’t have a weapons expert, you do now” she says. We then get a few scenes of the woman with a sniper rifle taking down various forms of zombies. She also has melee abilities that look to come in handy too.

“I guess we all have our strengths” says the builder from the opening. With our weapons expert retorting “is this where you tell me that the real secret is teamwork?” Essentially informing viewers that State of Decay 2 encourages a group survival dynamic.

A preview embargo for State of Decay 2 lifted alongside today’s launch trailer. Impressions sound mixed with some outlets calling it “over familiar” and others stating it “still feels rough”. It sounds as though there’s a diamond in the rough there somewhere though.

Hopefully Microsoft and Undead Labs have collaborated to deliver a cooperative experience that makes it worth plaything through some of the jankiness the game can’t seem to shake. We’ll find out when State of Decay 2 launches on PC and Xbox One for $29.99 on May 22nd. Or, you can pick it up for free if you own a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass program.

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