Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Release Date Set

Microsoft and Rare are gearing up to drop their first big DLC expansion for Sea of Thieves. And to shed some details, they’ve enlisted the help of a delightful one-legged, one-handed, and one-eyed pirate.

The DLC is being called The Hungering Deep. There really isn’t much known about it to this point outside of what was teased in today’s trailer. Rare previously teased the content saying it includes “a new AI threat to the world. Crews will have to work together to discover and defeat this threat as part of a unique event.”

Judging by the trailer, we may be in store for some type of large shark or megaladon entering the game. Wall paintings were crudely animated in the trailer which portrayed an ancient shark that devastated historic sea farers. Our pirate narrator told their story. “The ancient people encountered monsters so powerful and terrible that they worshipped them as gods. Some say that the ancients even learned how to summon such creatures…”

The trailer showed the elder pirates singing songs to their gods of the deep. It certainly would be cool to have the ability to summon such a creature whenever random enemy pirates decided to attack. Or just fighting off a ginormous shark in general would be exhilarating. We’ll find out what Rare has up their sleeves when the content drops on May 29th.

Outside of The Hungering Deep DLC, Rare has been hard at work publishing general quality of life upgrades for Sea of Thieves. Bug patches have be steady and new cosmetic items have become available too. Rare has also, finally, implemented the much demanded ability to host private pirate crews as well.

While still a work in progress, Sea of Thieves is certainly coming along. Hopefully The Hunger Deep gives us scallywags all the more reason to continue sailing the high seas.

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