Battlefield 5 Set in World War 2

Thanks to a teaser clip released today, we have official confirmation as to the setting of Battlefield 5. The series is headed back to World War 2.

EA dropped the short teaser onto the Battlefield Twitter account earlier today. It’s only a few seconds in length, but it gives us enough to confirm the World War 2 setting. The publisher is hyping up the game’s full blow out which is scheduled for Wednesday, May 23rd.

The video is seen from your player’s point of view as you lie wounded on the battlefield. A German soldier stands above you and tries to quiet you. It looks to be more of a taunt than compassion though. After shushing, he then moves in closer and appears to complete his kill to which your character responds with muffled cries of pain.

There’s not much that can be gleamed as far as the game’s setting from the little environment we can see. A HUD is visible at the top of the screen though, and it’s there we see a British Union Jack flag as well as the German Iron Cross.

It also appears as though Microsoft will be the targeted marketing platform for the game. This makes sense as the Call of Duty franchise has been tied to Sony since the beginning of the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle. Expect to see a good portion of Battlefield 5 during Microsoft’s E3 press conference next month.

There’s little wait now until we finally see what DICE and EA have been working on for the past two years. We knew that World War 2 was likely the setting. But there have also been rumors suggesting co-op centric modes as well as DICE’s new strategy for lootboxes in the game. And there’s always a chance that some form of battle royale mode could be appearing for the first time in the series as well.

We’ll find out Wednesday during the full reveal, and likely a release date for Battlefield 5 as well.

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