Friday the 13th Single Player Challenges This Week

Fans of Friday the 13th will soon have some fresh single player content at their disposal. Gun Media has dropped a new teaser trailer for the game’s upcoming single player challenges with a release date announced for later this week.

The new trailer shows a bunch of the counselors at a party while classic 80’s music blares through the cabin’s speakers. It then cuts outside of the cabin and we hear the iconic Jason sound echo in the woods. Shit’s about to go down. We then cut to a quick montage of Jason brutally slaying various characters in some of the most horrific ways possible. It’s good stuff.

Gun Media released a first look at the new Friday the 13th mode a few months back. It was just a short tease, but it showed a specific scenario that the game throws you into as Jason. Two of the male counselors are hoping to get to a party when they experience car troubles.

While one of them tinkers with the vehicle, the other foolishly walks into the woods to “take a piss.” As Jason, its then your opportunity to stalk the teen and find the right time and angle to approach for the kill. The clip saw Jason surprise the teen, mid-stream, and grab him by the neck. While lifting him with one hand, he snapped a branch off a nearby tree with the other and impaled the counselor. He then shoved the remaining broken branch into the teen’s skull. Brutal.

Jason then made quick work of our would be mechanic. He waited nearby for the right opportunity, then snuck up and pulled out the car’s jack while the other counselor was laying beneath the tire, essentially decapitating the poor fellow.

The single player challenges look particularly set on delivering some truly gruesome set pieces to experience. But if you’re playing as Jason then you’re probably into that kind of thing anyway. You don’t have much longer to wait to tap into your sadistic side. Friday the 13th is getting the new single player content on May 24th – free of charge.

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