Sleep Tight Release Date Announced

We first heard about Sleep Tight following the game’s announcement trailer back in November. It looked promising then, and apparently has been progressing well every since. A new trailer dropped today announcing a release date for July.

The game is the debut project for the team at We Are Fuzzy. The studio is comprised of “a veteran team of Hollywood film artists and AAA game developers.” The team has an extensive amount of reputable films and games on their resumes.

Sleep Tight is essentially a twin-stick shooter with tower defense mechanics, all wrapped up in a cute (yet terrifying) Pixar-ish style. Today’s trailer for Sleep Tight confirms that there will be 12 children playable within the game. The gist of the title sees you defending your child’s bedroom as hordes of monsters come from the shadows to attack you. Your kid will utilize everything from dart guns to water balloons as you fight them off until the sun rises once again.

For each successful sunrise you see, you’ll earn additional funds for your piggy bank. That loot can then be invested towards upgrades around your room to assist when the night returns. Options include various forms of pillow forts, turret weapons for further defense and a plethora of upgrades to build a stronger load out.

We Are Fuzzy states that each of the 12 kids will play uniquely. “For example, the trigger-happy Tommy starts each match with 500 darts and gets discounts on Weapon Skills, while the comic book fan Dexter has superpowers that give him discounted power-ups, and Rosie uses her building skills to engineer turrets that deal more damage and extra strong pillow fort walls.”

The newest trailer above really showcases what to expect from Sleep Tight. It looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast to play. The game is “coming out of the shadows” for PC and Nintendo Switch on July 26th.

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