Someday You’ll Return Reveal Trailer

From CBE Software comes what looks to be a horrific take on the “walking sim” genre. The studio has announced Someday You’ll Return with a creepy as hell announcement trailer.

The game is self described as “a narrative and gameplay driven psychological horror game.” The developers directly compare Someday You’ll Return to other titles such as the Silent Hill series, Firewatch and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. However the team “wanted far more than an atmospheric ‘walking simulator.'”

To evolve the genre, Someday You’ll Return will also incorporate an array of other gameplay mechanics. You can craft items and create herbs to help “overcome unique challenges.” There’s environmental interaction which includes wall climbing and more. And your smartphone will play an integral role in the game helping you via GPS, flashlight, text messages and phone calls.

The game will also feature an karma system. CBE states that “your actions matter. The consequences can influence your ending.” And stealth maneuvering and tracking play a big role in the game too. The developers published a lengthy synopsis of the game today. But even in all its wordage, we still have no idea what’s taking place in today’s freaky as hell trailer:

“It’s not the first time she ran away. But you’re uneasy … this time feels so different. Long ago, you swore never to return here. And now, she has dragged you back. Your search leads deep into ancient Moravian forests and reveals secrets that should have stayed buried.

Your character is Daniel, Stela’s father, who is forced by events to return to this place with its dark memories. In his search, he will encounter peculiar people who may help him understand why Stela tries so hard to leave.
Someday You’ll Return deals with intimate concepts of fatherhood, fears, lies and refusal to accept one’s past. While the story contains strong horror elements it’s not always the most obvious monsters which are the most frightening.

Follow Daniel’s through soaring, mystic Bohemian landscapes. For all their beauty, there is a quiet darkness. While your survival skills and quick wits might advance your search, malevolent forces rise up against you. There are nightmares you can’t fight and win. And some of them … could be your own.”

Someday You’ll Return is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. CBE gave us a vague release window of 2019 in today’s trailer. For more games that’ll scare your pants off, checkout Nerd Much’s list of the 50 scariest games we’ve come across.

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