4 Facts About Game Stars Platform That Makes You Professional Cyber Sportsman

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The popularity of eSports is gaining momentum. Play and earn. What can be easier? In fact, in order to get a chance at least to participate in the battle for a million prize, professional gamers must have non-stop trainings.gamestars

Unlike traditional sportsmen who have a constant salary, cyber sportsmen are completely dependent on the outcome of the tournament. Failure to take the top position can lead gamers to slump out of the game. Lack of money for paying tournament fees, purchasing equipment and other problems of eSports deprive gamers of the opportunity to develop, while the industry loses real talents.

What Problems Do Cyber Sportsmen Face?

  • lack or complete absence of funding

Gamers not always have enough money to buy new training equipment or for paying tournaments participation fees. Therefore, they can’t develop professionally

  • high entry barriers for newcomers

Existing eSports infrastructure make it almost impossible for new players to enter the market: tournament fees are expensive, there are no playgrounds where gamers can find sponsor etc.

  • frauds and non-payment of prize money

Tournament rules can be changed during the competition and as the end of the battle player might not receive the prize money

South Korean and Chinese markets are centers of eSports. Lee Sang-hyeok, aka Faker, is a famous player that joined SK Telecom team at the age of 17 and led it to win their first League of Legends World Championship. Wang Jiao, aka Banana, is one of the richest cyber sportsmen. He has earned $1.2 million in 38 Dota tournaments. These gamers have worked a lot on their results and could have done even more if market infrastructure has been developed by the time they’ve started careers.

How to Solve the Problems of eSports?

Game Stars platform gives cyberathletes an opportunity to develop and grow:

  1. The platform issues a smart contract and 100 personal tokens for every player
  2. Players can raise funding by selling personal coins through a procedure called CICO. Raised money can be spent on the equipment, participation fees, coaches and more.
  3. Gamers have access to multiple tournaments, can develop professionally and raise their status in the gaming arena
  4. Terms and conditions of tournaments are powered by contracts. Rules cannot be changed as soon as the battle stars. Prize money is paid completely and in time

Game Stars team has launched a separate website for gamers where players can register and find sponsors. Project’s Token Sale has already gone live. Visit the official website to find out more about the platform. Subscribe to accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Telegram chat.

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