Days Gone Release Date Set for February via New Trailer

In a similar vein to yesterday’s Tetris Effect news, it’s clear that Sony isn’t worried about waiting until E3 begins to drop news. Sony Bend Studio, creators of the upcoming Days Gone, have finally announced a release date for their highly anticipated exclusive.

John Garvin, Creative Director at Bend Studio, took to the PlayStation blog to drop the news just as Tetsuya Mizuguchi did yesterday with Tetris Effect. And at the start of a brand new trailer we got the title’s release date – February 22nd, 2019.

Today’s trailer gave us a look at some of the enemies and creatures we haven’t seen up until now. We see our main character Deacon being attacked by numerous threats, including mountain lions and infected ravens. Both look terrifying, perhaps the ravens more so.

A new human enemy faction been introduced in today’s trailer too. They’re called Rest in Peace (R.I.P.), but are labeled Rippers for short. The group is essentially a cult that worships the zombie Freakers – and they’ll kill anyone that isn’t one. Garvin notes that they are important to the story, but it’s fun to use their morals against them. “Try bringing in a Swarm and see what happens – Rippers refuse to kill Freakers, and the results can be very entertaining.”

Two new characters are introduced today, as well as someone from the game’s original trailer making a reappearance.. We first met William “Boozer” Gray in the first Days Gone trailer. He’s a member – or ex member – of the Mongrels MC with Deacon, so the duo are very close. Jim Pirri plays the role of Boozer. The character is said to be “tough, cynical, and a bad ass,” but Pirri also plays the character in way that shows Boozer’s friendship and brotherhood with Deacon.

We’re also introduced to Alkai Turner. Played by Jonathan Joss, the character is an arms dealer who resides within the Hotsprings survivor encampment. We also meet Ada Tucker, a former prison matron who now runs the show at Hotsprings.

Garvin says these three are just a few of dozens we’ll meet within Days Gone. And he promises we’ll be getting to know more of them as we progress towards the game’s February 22nd release. The game will be playable at E3, so expect fresh information coming from the show floor next week.

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