Twin Mirror Trailer Debuts New Narrative Psychological Thriller

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced a partnership with Dontnod Entertainment to bring us the publisher’s “foray into narrative adventure games.” The project is titled Twin Mirror and it’s slated for 2019.

The tagline for the game reads “Your mind is the one place to find the truth.” Bandai Namco notes that Twin Mirror “takes a decidedly darker tone than the game they might be best known for.” That game being the developer’s previously acclaimed narrative adventure, Life is Strange. The project is described as “a psychological thriller wrapped around an investigation where your memories, choices, and relationships will determine Sam’s complicated fate.”

Cyrus Wesson, Community Specialist Bandai Namco broke down the game’s plot earlier today:

“Your story begins in the town of Basswood, West Virginia, where Sam has returned to attend the funeral of his best friend. While recovering from a heavy break-up, Sam finds himself dejected and downtrodden as he interacts with former friends in his hometown. But, things start to take a turn for the worse when Sam wakes up in his hotel room the next day.

With a shirt covered in blood and no whereabouts of the previous night, it’s now up to Sam to recall his memories and search for disparate clues in Basswood to find the truth in this mysterious investigation! But remember… the clock is ticking.”

Much of the game sounds as though it revolves around Sam’s devastation from his recent split. The game looks as though it features elements in which Sam is literally exploring his own mind. His breakup is more than likely going to rear its ugly head during many of these moments.

While in your own head, you’ll be recalling memories to find the truth of what’s going on in this small West Virginian town. The decisions you make along the way will direct Sam’s future relationships with the town of Basswood and himself.

The game is likely a ways out still. Bandai Namco and Dontnod have slapped the game with a vague 2019 window. It’s coming next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Perhaps we’ll hear more about it during E3 next week.

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