Telltale Stranger Things Series On the Way

It appears as though Telltale Games has nailed down the rights to yet another juggernaut of a franchise. The developer is currently developing a new title based upon Netflix’s Stranger Things.Telltale Stranger Things

The news was originally reported by TechRadar. Initially, the site stated that Telltale would be developing the game to be playable on Netflix itself. The streaming service reached out to clarify that their information was incorrect, and that Telltale’s Stranger Things was being designed as traditional Telltale game to be playable on consoles.

The confusion likely came from the other Telltale news that was breaking at the time. Netflix has signed a deal with Telltale to bring some of their popular titles over to their streaming platform. The first of which will be Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Netflix later this year.

They’re calling it an “interactive experience” which the company has dabbled in before. Netflix offers various “choose your own adventure” movies such as Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale. These Telltale offerings will be a bit more in depth than that though.

Netflix says Minecraft: Story Mode will be playable via any device with a remote that supports directional and select buttons. That would theoretically include most smart TVs in addition to all of your various consoles. The ports to Netflix won’t be 1 to 1 though, instead they’re saying these games will be arriving “in an adapted form.”

As far as Stranger Things goes, there’s no word as to what Telltale’s take on the popular series will be. The only details we have on the project is the fact that it’s official, with Telltale releasing the statement below:

“We’re delighted by the response we’re seeing to the idea of Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Netflix in the fall as an interactive adventure, and separately, we’re thrilled to confirm that Telltale is developing a game based on Stranger Things that we’ll publish to consoles and computers at a later date.

Our partnership with Netflix is something we’re incredibly proud of, and while we don’t have anything more to share right now, we’re excited to reveal details on these projects later in the year.”

Season 3 of Stranger Things is likely coming to Netflix in October. I wouldn’t be surprised to see details of Telltale’s project right around that time to coincide with it.

Source TechRadar
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