Realm Royale Beta Next Week for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

It certainly looks as though Hi-Rez Studios is going all out to become the next contender in the battle royale genre. The development team has announced that a Realm Royale beta is on the way for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

If you haven’t been following the game’s progress, you can get a gist as to what to expect in the trailer above. Hi-Rez’s battle royale offering certainly looks like a Fortnite clone, but it differs in that their version is actually more over the top that Epic’s juggernaut.

Both games feature the 100 player last man standing mechanic that PUBG made famous. And Realm Royale takes a page out of Fortnite’s book with some basic building mechanics. But there’s a lot that sets Realm Royale apart from the competition.

For instance, Realm Royale is class based (Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Engineer, and Assassin), which is a huge divergence from Fortnite’s everyone is equal at match start mechanic. There are rideable mounts in Realm Royale too, which you can get glimpse of in the trailer as we see players riding both horses and raptors (which is awesome). Fortnite just recently introduced their All Terrain Vehicles which are somewhat similar.

You can also forge weaponry in Realm Royale, and it takes a bit of time to do so. So there’ s a huge strategic element in holding down the forge location while your newer, more powerful weapons are crafted. Another difference is that when players are downed, they aren’t immediately eliminated. Instead, they transform into chickens as seen in the above trailer. If you can avoid death for a specific period of time, you’ll transform back and be right back in the swing of things.

If you’re interested in hopping into Hi-Rez’s Realm Royale beta that begins next week, you can do so by heading over to their site and applying for a key

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