Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailers for Goku, Vegeta Drop

Bandai Namco Entertainment dropped trailers for a couple of new fighters are making their way onto the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. And by new, we mean kind of new. And by kind of we mean they technically aren’t new at all.

“The original Bash Brothers” (as Bandai Namco puts it) Goku and Vegeta are coming our way as DLC fighters for the game. They join the 8 total DLC characters that are planned for the game. Those already released include Bardock, Broly, Vegito and Zamasu (Fused).

I’m sure you’re thinking “Wait, Goku and Vegeta are already in Dragon Ball FighterZ?” And while you aren’t wrong, you’re also not right. The characters currently on Dragon Ball FighterZ’s roster are the SSGSS (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) forms of the two. The versions coming to the game via DLC in early August are the original base forms of the duo which don their iconic black hair styles. You know, before they become gods and what not. I think. I can’t keep up with this stuff.

In the past, each downloadable character that made their way into Dragon Ball FighterZ came with a their respective stamp, lobby avatars, and alternative colors to wear in battle. Expect the new editions of Goku and Vegeta to do the same when they release next month.

Dragon Ball FighterZ launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in January to great reviews. A Nintendo Switch version of the fighter will be hitting shelves on September 28th.

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