Boundless Launching September with Cross-Play, New Trailer

Wonderstruck Games has announced that Boundless is ready for the big time. Having launched on Steam Early Access in November of 2014, the developers are ready to roll out 1.0 later this year.

Originally titled Oort Online during its July 2014 crowd funding campaign, Wonderstruck’s then browser based title was successfully funded in early August 2014. As the scope of the game expanded and gained traction amongst the gaming audience, it was clear that Oort Online would grow too big for its browser based setting. In October 2015, the title was revamped as Boundless with console backing coming exclusive from Sony. The title then premiered on Steam Early Access that November.

Four years later, Wonderstruck is ready to show the world what they’ve been building toward. Played in either first-person or third-person, Boundless features a procedurally generated world comprised of various shapes and blocks. You’ll interact with them to discover ancient technologies which aid you in crafting tools, weapons and machines within the game. You can then utilize these to create buildings, cities and guilds. Which ultimate lead toward the creation of portals that can take you to other worlds. Thus the title of Boundless.

While many have been playing Boundless within Early Access for years now, the 1.0 release will mark a clean slate. Wonderstruck said that “Leading up to launch we will create a totally new universe for everyone to explore, claim, mine, sculpt, and chisel together. We see this as an opportunity for a fresh start for the Boundless universe.”

The game will be launching officially on PC and PlayStation 4 on September 11th. Wonderstruck is self-publishing the PlayStation 4 version of the game while Square Enix will cover the PC side of things. The developer confirmed that cross-play will be available from the gate within a statement released today:

“We’re pleased to confirm that whether you’re playing Boundless on PC, Mac, or PlayStation 4, you’ll be sharing the same universe. This was always the plan and ambition from the project’s inception, and this launch will make it a reality. Boundless will be a single universe shared by all players, on PC or PS4, in all locations.”

The game will be priced at $39.99 for the standard edition, while the digital deluxe edition will retail at $59.99. In the latter comes an exclusive title, a lifetime bonus of 10% beacon plots, the Boundless Original Soundtrack – Complete Edition, 300 cubits, a 30 day Gleam Club membership, and the ability to craft an exclusive weapon called The Golden Fist. We’ll see you out there in just a few weeks.

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