Scarf Announcement Trailer Shows Us a Quietly Beautiful World

THQ Nordic and Uprising Studios have dropped a Scarf announcement trailer to showcase their newest game. The beautifully cel shaded 3D adventure game is about a wandering soul who uses its polymorphic scarf to traverse the world and solve puzzles throughout it.

Uprising Studios and THQ Nordic state that Scarf will tell “a story for all audiences with multiple narrative layers.” The developers state that the game incorporates “Immersive narrative and very visual gameplay through a story without text.” They also say the adventure provides “Moments of quiet introspection and exploration juxtaposed by intense situations where skills will be put to test.” So it sounds as though it’s entirely possible that Scarf won’t feature dialogue to tell its tale, and will instead let the player experience the plot and the world through interaction with the world.

Scarf Announcement Trailer

Here’s Uprising Studios’ official description of the game:

“Scarf is a 3D Adventure game, where protagonist Hyke must use his polymorphic scarf to explore a magical environment, solve mysterious puzzles and overcome difficult challenges. Hyke’s scarf morphs into different objects which will help to progress the adventure. Hyke was born in an unknown place, surrounded by other souls. All of them will start a path through the World with the main goal being to meld with it and become part of nature.”

Throughout the Scarf announcement trailer we get to see Hyke morph his scarf to interact with the world in a variety of ways. The soul transforms his garment into wings to fly across a chasm. Hyke used it to meld together a walkway so he can traverse a broken path. The character is also seen morphing his scarf into a claw like object that then digs deep within the ground, seemingly attacking the roots of a nearby tree. Hyke converts his accessory into a glider in a way not dissimilar to the wings that we saw prior.

THQ Nordic and Uprising Studios are planning a late 2018 or early 2019 debut for Scarf. The game is currently only targeting a PC release at this time.

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