TerraTech 1.0 Launches on PC and Xbox One Today, New Trailer

Payload Studios’ TerraTech 1.0 launched today after nearly 5 years of development. The team put together the launch trailer below to demonstrate exactly what to expect from their sandbox adventure game.

The developers describe TerraTech as an “off-world adventure where you create to your heart’s content and then set out to conquer all before you.” Payload says that “TerraTech is fundamentally an exploration and combat game. Procedurally generated worlds and an almost limitless array of vehicle design and customization make for a unique experience for every play through.”

TerraTech first went live via a closed beta in summer of 2014. The title then went live with an open beta in November of that year. After “building on the amass of community feedback garnered over the course of [those] months”, TerraTech hit Steam Early Access in February 2015.

Payload Studios isn’t stopping at today’s 1.0 release though. The developers still have great ambitions to flesh out their game. They’ve stated that their first priorities post launch is to enable hot swapping between tech snapshots, improve the core AI, institute a co-op creative mode, and enable full gamepad support for PC.

Looking further down the line, Payload has a slew of features they’re hoping to implement. They’re looking to design a co-op campaign mode, but note that they’re “not promising a full implementation (it’s very complicated!)”.

In the short term, the devs are looking to add a map, an in-game Blockpedia, flexible Tech controls, personalities to AI, improvements to online multiplayer, cloud saves, graphical improvements and more. Payload even plays to design new blocks, additional environmental biomes, and new mission types and events. A list of medium and long term goals were published as well, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

TerraTech 1.0 is live now for Xbox One and PC via Steam. The game will arrive for PlayStation 4 next week on August 14th.

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