The Walking Dead: The Final Season Release Dates Announced

Telltale Games has announced what the remaining The Walking Dead: The Final Season release dates are today. And it sounds as though the studio is targeting a pretty consistent schedule for The Walking Dead’s final bow.

The Final Season began with the release of Episode 1, “Done Running”, just yesterday. Episode 2, “Suffer the Children, arrives September 25th. Episode 3, “Broken Toys” launches November 6th. And the series finale, “Take Us Back”, closes out Telltale’s The Walking Dead on December 18th.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season release dates are each exactly 6 weeks apart from one another. It’s evident that Telltale Games is confident in their ability to roll this final season out on a set, preannounced schedule. I wouldn’t expect any delays going forward.

For those waiting to jump in but still looking for a tease, Telltale released their relatively spoiler free trailer for The Final Season back in June. The series’ final season is expected to mirror the game’s first season in many ways now that Clementine is considerably older and mentoring a child herself.

Initial reviews out for “Done Running” have been positive, with many considering it a return to form for the series. After Episode 1’s premiere, The Final Season is currently sitting at 77 for the PlayStation 4 version.

We’ll likely hear much more about Telltale’s most famous series as the rest of the year plays out. But for now, we can just chew on The Walking Dead: The Final Season release dates and titles to begin theorizing how it all wraps up just before Christmas.

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