Torchlight Frontiers Gameplay Trailer Debuts, Playable at Gamescom

After just debuting to the world earlier this month, Echtra Games is bringing Torchlight Frontiers to Gamescom. There will be Torchlight Frontiers gameplay for fans at the show, but new footage has debuted today too for those that can’t make it.

We saw snippets of gameplay within the project’s announcement trailer in early August. Today though, we’re seeing a bit more in-game of the “shared-world action-RPG” thanks to the Gamescom trailer. And upon a quick glance, it certainly seems like the majority of Torchlight‘s core mechanics are crossing over.

Ahead of the title’s Gamescom debut, CEO and founder of Echtra Games Max Schaefer did an interview detailing what the fans could expect from the playable demo coming to Germany this week. Schaefer confirmed that two of the game’s character classes will be playable on the floor. You’ll choose between one of the two and then embark “on a quick adventure into our world, culminating with a boss fight.”

Torchlight Frontiers gameplay

Schaefer stated that the team “wanted to ensure [the demo] gives players a good feel of the world we’re creating for Torchlight Frontiers. Of course, it wouldn’t be Torchlight if we didn’t let you carve up some monsters and find some cool loot, so there’s plenty of that as well.”

Echtra’s CEO also confirmed that Torchlight Frontiers gameplay will be quite comparable to the original title, saying that “If you’ve ever played Torchlight or a Diablo-like game, you’ll be instantly comfortable playing Torchlight Frontiers.” Schaefer continued by confirming that building to Frontiers has been the plan from the start:

“From the beginning, the idea of a shared world Torchlight game has been at the forefront of our mind. By partnering with Perfect World Entertainment, we were able to finally put together the right team of Torchlight and Diablo veterans, plus an amazing crew of industry leaders, and fulfill this vision.”

Torchlight Frontiers is planned to be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, no release window has been set. You can follow Torchlight Frontiers and other indie games here at Nerd Much?.

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