Inmost, Atmospheric Puzzle Platformer Revealed with Trailer

Chucklefish has announced a new project the publisher is bringing to PC next year. Developed by Hidden Layer Games, their new game is titled Inmost and it looks pretty damn amazing.

Alongside Inmost’s announcement came a trailer showcasing what to expect from the upcoming indie game. It’s a pixel based story-driven puzzle platformer. Chucklefish brands it as atmospheric, and if you watched the Inmost trailer above, it’s easy to say “no shit”.

Inmost features 3 playable characters throughout the adventure. Set in an abandoned castle, the narrative tells “one dark, interconnected story.” At one point you see a young girl playing within a kitchen with someone creeping outside her door. She’s likely one of our 3 protagonists. Another is a man who looks to be desperately trying to escape whatever is haunting the castle he’s within. And the third appears the most like a traditional hero, fighting off monsters with a sword and gadgets.

The indie games publisher says “you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny, avoid detection, slice your way through enemies and spring deadly traps in order to escape the evil that lurks within”. This is likely a vague reference to how our 3 playable characters will differentiate in play style. People will be able to find that out for sure next month. Chucklefish will be appearing at EGX next month in the UK at their very own booth. And as the UK’s largest gaming convention, a ton of fans will be able to go hands on with Inmost for the first time ever.

Chucklefish and Hidden Layer Games have only confirmed that Inmost will be coming to PC at some point in 2019. Hopefully the promising looking project will expand to consoles as well. Perhaps it will even find a home in the Nintendo Switch – everything else is.

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