Battlefield 5 Delay Moves Game to Late November

Just seven weeks prior to their shooter’s scheduled launch, EA Dice has announced that a Battlefield 5 delay is official, moving the game into late November.

Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of Dice, published a blog post first thing this morning to break the news. Gabrielson essentially states that following Battlefield 5‘s closed alphas and hands on demos at E3 and Gamescom, fans felt there were certain features lacking that Dice decided needed implementation.

“You’ve also spurred us to make some meaningful improvements to the core gameplay experience, including adjusting the gameplay tempo, improving soldier visibility and reducing player friction,” Oskar said. He also confirmed that many of these requests have been implemented and will be noticeable during the title’s open beta beginning September 6th.

Dice’s GM goes on to tout that he believes his studio has created “one of the best Battlefield games ever”. However, his team still needs some time to cement the finishing touches:

“And that’s why we’re moving our launch date. We’re going to take the time to continue to make some final adjustments to core gameplay, and to ensure we really deliver on the potential of Tides of War.

We know moving the launch date means that we all have to wait a little longer. But we’re going to take our time to make sure we get it right.”

Previously set for October 19th, the Battlefield 5 delay will now position the game for a November 20th release. Well away from the October 12th release of its biggest competitor, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

This isn’t something that should be ignored, and despite it going unmentioned by Gabrielson, is likely another key reason for the Battlefield 5 delay. Industry analysts stated just a couple weeks ago that Battlefield 5 preorders were 85% behind those of Black Ops 4. With said analysts expecting Battlefield 5 to be “a serious disappointment” for EA.

Regardless, getting Battlefield 5 away from Black Ops 4 and allowing for development time to polish it further can only bode well for the final product. We’ll see how it all turns out in November.

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