Updated: Today’s Nintendo Direct Postponed

*Update 9/6/18: Nintendo has postponed today’s planned Nintendo Direct:

“Due to the powerful earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan, we have decided to delay this week’s planned Nintendo Direct. We will provide a new time and date in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.”

—–Original Story Posted 9/5/18—–

It seems of late that another day brings another Direct on the way. Nintendo announced shortly ago that they have a Nintendo Direct scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. But it’s likely not what you’re expecting.

Nintendo announced way back in February that they would be rolling out their Nintendo Switch Online service in September. Here we are in the first week of the month, and the company has done little to promote their upcoming online service.

Most fans expected to see a Nintendo Direct scheduled for the early portion of the month to detail the general game plan. So the above tweet announcing a Direct for tomorrow afternoon isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that Nintendo is stating said Direct will be “around 35 minutes of information on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles”.

That’s all we have. No teases as to potential 3DS and Switch games. And no hints as to whether Nintendo Switch Online details will be peppered throughout the scheduled Direct. We’ll just have to strap in tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Eastern, 3:00 p.m. Pacific and see what Nintendo is ready to show us.

As far as Nintendo Switch Online goes though, we do have a general idea of how it will function. For $20 annually, you’ll get access to online games. Which games are, and are not included seems to still be murky though.

There will also be something that Nintendo has described as “the successor to the Virtual Console.” NES games like Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda will be included in the subscription plan, but there will also be online functionality built into them. Nintendo has recently teased playing Mario Bros. online with a friend with one person playing as Mario and the other as Luigi.

We’ll know tomorrow afternoon whether this Nintendo Direct was anything worth getting hyped up about. But looking through the above tweet’s comments sure proves that fans are desperate to hearing the words Animal Crossing and Switch together.

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